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Later on we will explain how we will use them in the SEO project. SEO work is directly related to internet marketing, the traditional marketing of your business and the type of customers your website is aimed at. You need to know the basic theories of marketing and, above all, be able to define well who the target audience of your website. The results that appear in the search engines local seo services india vary according to the words that the Internet users write to search, and these depend directly on who does the search, that is, the potential visitors of your website. I recently made a commercial director the basic question of SEO: Who can interest your website? His answer was foreseeable, for I have heard it many times: To everyone.

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You will have to put yourself in the skin of the apartment. Of marketing and find out who are really potential visitors to the web. Here's a bunch of questions to help you figure it out. He knows perfectly well that sometimes the decision to buy his product does not correspond to who makes the payment. Consider if the answer above is really who should direct local seo packages your website. Do you participate in conferences and networking events? Are your website visitors online readers of blogs, read blogs, use email on a regular basis? This work can continue for hours, and it is the work of the department. Of marketing define the profiles of its visitors and prepare a website that will respond to the needs of these visitors.

To choose the place of holidays I decide between options, I search hotels on the internet, flights, itineraries, I know that the payment I will make myself, but I also know that I put as I put, the final decision of the place Vacation will be taken by my wife. Do not laugh, think about whether you or your friends chose the restaurant for dinner, who chose the color of your car? And your last suit or dress ?, the last order of material in your company was decided by Manager or the boss store? Forgetting all these considerations in the previous point can lead you to mistake your goal. Your customers, to whom you can ask, how did they know your company ?. If you did advertising, where did you do it?

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That is the main question in SEO work. If you knew what each of your visitors is going to look for, you could develop a web that was the first in the search engine results for that search term. That information is easy to get. Do you remember the analysis tools and sitemaps you installed earlier? Leave them running for a few days and you will know what words are used to find more your visitors. So, if it is so easy, why so much fuss about SEO? Because the answer to the previous question is daunting: your visitors use hundreds of search words, maybe thousands.

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And even if they only used a few, positioning for all is very difficult. So assume that you will not be able to position yourself well for all the words you would like. And that is the reason to cut your visitors, because you have to choose those words that best results will provide. If your company is dedicated to the sale of sofas, locally, in Murcia, what sense professional seo companies does the first appear when the search is performed by a person from Valladolid ?. If% of your sales are to France, why try to position yourself in Google Spain ?. How did it work? Did you visit a commercial to your customers? Are there specialized magazines in your industry? Could you write a technical article?